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Blackjack is one of the most dynamic, exciting and player-favorite modern card games in casino. Thanks to its high speed, simple strategy and rules, online blackjack has only grown in popularity over time. And about the rules, types, history and peculiarities of playing blackjack for money - below.

Онлайн блэкджек в казино Goxbet

Blackjack rules

The rules of playing blackjack online (as well as offline) are as simple as possible. The aim isn't to win 21 points (as many people mistakenly think), but to beat the dealer. Blackjack for money is played with 1 to 8 decks, but if the dealer is a random number generator, the number of decks can be infinite.

The value of each numbered card corresponds to the serial number, an ace can be equal to one or ten, pictures bring ten points. The game round opens bet participants, then the cards are dealt: 2 players, and 1 - the dealer (in the classic version).

If a player scores 21 points, this combination (ace and ten), is considered blackjack, and he wins. A similar situation occurs if the dealer scores 21 points in the beginning. If not, participants can either draw another card or stay with their hand, etc.

The dealer must stop the set of his cards at 17 points (but this rule is also incredibly variable). So, the goal of the game is to score 21 points (but no higher), or a combination of a different value, but more valuable than the dealer's hand.

History of Blackjack

For the title of the birthplace of blackjack there is still a fierce dispute between several European countries, in particular - France and Italy. In the XV century, a game similar to modern blackjack for money, but under the name "Thirty-One" is found in the anti gambling sermon of an Italian priest.

Most scholars call this game the direct ancestor of blackjack, as its rules are virtually identical, except that to win you need to score 31, not 21 points. According to another version, blackjack was first played in France in the 18th century.

Throughout its two hundred year history, blackjack has experienced both periods of oblivion and phases of popularity. The latest resurgence in the popularity of blackjack began in the 1950s with American gambling rooms (after a book was published stipulating the mathematical advantage a player gets over a casino by counting cards).

Types of blackjack

Unlike other card games, blackjack has hardly changed in its long history, differing in various forms by minor additional rules. The essence and concept of the game remains the same, for example, the most popular variations of blackjack today are:

  • American - one of the cards received by the dealer is open, the second is closed (if an ace or ten is laid open, the dealer also opens the second card, and blackjack stops the game);
  • European - the dealer takes the second card after the other participants finish the set.

Based on the basic rules of the game, a huge number of variations of blackjack online are created today - three card, open, Caribbean and so on. In addition, the best casino in Ukraine Goxbet players can play 21 online for money not only in the format of virtual emulator, but also with a live professional dealer, enjoying the atmosphere of this game room.

Can I play blackjack for a beginner?

If you doubt whether you should play 21 online for money, or just have not yet encountered this famous card game, the casino number 1 in Ukraine - Goxbet, offers you to start your acquaintance with the free demo mode.

Without registering and not depositing an account, you can thoroughly explore all the features of the gameplay, learn the rules and features of a particular variation of blackjack, and with full confidence in their own abilities go to play for real bets.

How do I start playing at Goxbet?

Once you decide on the most interesting model and decide it's time to play blackjack online for money, all you have to do is register quickly and easily (no more than a minute) at Goxbet, make a deposit, and place your bets!

Goxbet's exciting online blackjack room showcases a selection of the best blackjack brands around, so you're guaranteed the most exciting action and huge winnings. Play blackjack for money, take your chances and enjoy the excitement at Goxbet, and your time to win is coming right now!

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